Congestion Relief

Salin Plus salt therapy can open your airways and give welcomed relief to frustrating congestion problems.

Congestion can affect any part of our respiratory system, either upper or lower, such as our sinuses, nasal passages, middle ear or lungs.

Respiratory congestion compromises our ability to breathe freely, causing discomfort and potential disease, affecting our quality of life and well-being.

The regular use of a Salin Plus salt therapy device may help to open your airways. The sodium ions facilitate the expulsion of mucous, reducing congestion.

Salin Plus also helps to remove airborne pollutants from your room by drawing the ambient air into the device and retaining the pollutants in the dual action filter cartridge. This approach of inhaling the sodium ions and improving the ambient air quality may help to your airways and provide a greater level of well-being, with fewer airborne pathogens and less mucous in your airways.

Salin Plus salt therapy devices are available to purchase online with a 60-day money back guarantee. FREE shipping for all orders within Australia over $50!

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