Salin Plus launches in Australia

June 07, 2012 1 min read

Lion Healthcare officially launched the Salin Plus product range in Australia, following months of preparations,having secured an exclusive licence to distribute the successful product range in Australia and New Zealand. The devices which were developed in Eastern Europe ten years earlier have enjoyed strong growth and customer satisfaction levels, and have been recognized with a Gold Medal at the World Exhibition for Innovation, Research and Technology in Brussels, Belgium.

For the past nine months, the company has been busy preparing to launch, which involved listing the product range with the Therapeutics Goods Administration, part of the Department of Health. Once this was in place, work began on packaging and branding to suit the Australian market place. In addition, a group of 30 individuals were identified to trial the devices, to test the products effectiveness locally. The results were extremely encouraging to say the least. The range of breathing problems treated was extensive.

Lion Healthcare is confident of the take up in Australia for the product, and further afield, due to the significantly high levels of breathing disorders. There is also a growing demand and acceptance for natural and cost effective remedies.


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