How It Works

Salin Plus - How it Works

Enjoy cleaner, purer air AND the healing benefits of salt therapy at home, so you can breathe better, sleep better.

An air purifier that ALSO provides salt therapy

The Salin Plus unit disperses tiny particles of dry salt aerosol into the air while entrapping dust and other airborne pollutants through a special microcrystalline filter.

Salin Plus is a compact energy efficient (10 watts) device designed for the bedroom. The device quietly disperses tiny dry salt particles which are inhaled while you sleep. The device contains a small adjustable fan and a dual action replaceable filter cartridge.

What is salt therapy?

Salt therapy (a.k.a. halotherapy) is the inhalation of very fine salt particles.

Salt is used for two reasons: it is negatively charged, like oxygen, and therefore has the ability to fight anaerobic respiratory infections – and – through osmosis, draws mucus away from the airways, allowing easier breathing.

“The best sleep my son has had since he was a boy.” – Rachel, NSW

Understanding osmosis

Put simply, osmosis is a process where a liquid (usually) with a low concentration of minerals passes through a membrane towards a more concentrated solution.

For example, if you put potato slices into salt water, The water from inside the potato slice will travel towards the salt water solution. This will cause the potato to lose fluid and shrivel up.

Osmosis and our airways

If our airways are clogged with a lot of mucus, the presence of tiny salt particles through salt therapy will gently draw the fluid away from the mucus, shrinking and drying it out. This allows you to breathe more freely.

Mucus plays a vital role in our respiratory system as it traps allergens, bacteria and viruses. But if mucus is not removed from the lungs it becomes toxic, decreasing lung volume and obstructing airways. This is why salt therapy is helpful in decreasing the amount of mucus present.

I have been using Salin Plus for some months now and always notice a difference the next morning if I have forgotten to turn it on..” – Simone

How Does Salin Plus Salt Therapy Work?

The device works in two ways:

  1. The Salin Plus device contains a fan and a filter cartridge. Air is drawn into the rear of the device, trapping airborne pollutants in the filter cartridge.
  2. At the same time, air blows through the filter, which contains tiny crystallised salt particles. These salt particles are blown into the air. When inhaled, they travel through the upper and lower respiratory tract.

"I have found using my Salin Salt Therapy Device (small) has enhanced not only my sleep but also my freshness when I awake. I would recommend this product especially if you want to clear your sinus area while you sleep.” – Frances

Non-corrosive and non-toxic

The patented, award-winning technology ensures there is no corrosive effect on the environment it operates in, and the dosage remains at a safe level, even being suitable for those on low-salt diets.

As the dosage is so low, the daily recommended use is 6 to 10 hours. For this reason, we suggest using it at night.