October 13, 2017 3 min read

Salt therapy (halotherapy) is a venerable, natural health treatment in Asia, East- and Western Europe, but has only recently gained a profile in the Australian market. 

Today, halotherapy is offered at spas and stand-alone facilities in formats including salt beds, salt rooms/caves, and at-home devices like the Salin Plus Salt Therapy device. The salt business is booming!

In Australia, the number of stand-alone facilities in the market has jumped to around 100 in recent years (Victoria leading the charge); and the treatment has quickly earned a cult following in the health and wellness sector, and among young families.

It seems healing salt is no longer just Europe’s little secret, and people love it!

But what is involved in salt room treatment? And where does Salin Plus fit in the modern halotherapy market?

The History

Halotherapy is an ancient health practice, discovered by a Polish Physician, Felix Boczkowski in 1843 while he was stationed at a salt mine in Wieliczka. He observed that miners’ frequent exposure to aerosol salt in the mines had a transformative effect on their respiratory health. Cuethe invention of Speleotherapy: “Speleo” translating to “of/inside a cave”

There is historical/anecdotal evidence, dating back to early 1900s, of the effective application of speleotherapy on respiratory patients in Canada, Russia, Hungary, Romania, Poland, Austria and Germany. Doctors noted patients’ breathing, lung function and other symptoms like sneezing, coughing and wheezing improved with seven to 30 days of salt therapy treatment, and the need for medication reduced significantly. 

Interesting fact: based on these observations, Dr Boczkowski’s predecessor developed mineral spa therapy where patients bathe in minerals and salts (also known as balneotherapy). 

The Technology

Most modern salt rooms use a “halogenerator” which crushes, grinds and cuts salt crystals into precisely sized microparticles that are then dispersed into the air by a fan apparatus. 

This technology is designed to reproduce the microclimate of a natural salt cave: the air produced is sterile, negatively ionised and saturated with a low concentration of highlydispersed, pharmaceutical grade, dry salt.

The Salin Plus Salt Therapy device uses very similar technology but on a much smaller scale with its specialised (patented and award winning) filter, designed to maximise dispersion of pure salt crystals.

The Session

Décor plays a big role in the salt room experience. Modern salt rooms are often beautifully outfitted, including walls lined with back-lit blocks of amber and pink salt, and inches of salt crystals covering the floor (Aesthetic only. Check out Salts of the Earth for the ultimate, salt room décor inspiration). Zero-gravity or cosy reclining chairs, moody lighting and ambient music combine to create a luxurious and tranquil space. 

During a session, which can range from 30 to 90 minutes, clients relax, sit, chat, nap or even do yoga; and each session is monitored to ensure safety, comfort and to maintain optimal treatment conditions. It’s the ultimate wellness multitasking!

Despite the historical and anecdotal evidence supporting claims that salt room therapy is beneficial to respiratory health; in Australia, this isn’t supported by scientific evidence (yet).  

This hasn’t appeared to deter Australian consumers who still flock to salt room therapy for a wide selection of health and wellness applications. While we wait for science to catch up with history, it seems people have plenty of confidence in the healing properties of salt! 

Where does Salin Plus fit in?

We believe in and advocate for the therapeutic benefits of salt therapy, in all its modern and traditional forms! 

Salt room therapy is excellent; however, it does demand time (travel, booking, organising) and ongoing expense that not everyone can support, all the time.

The role the Salin Plus Salt Therapy device plays in the booming halotherapy market is an important one: making salt therapy accessible to everyone, at home.

The Salin Plus device allows you to enjoy all the benefits of salt room therapy, but from the comfort and convenience from your own home, and all while you sleep. The beauty of this product is that it can be used in conjunction with regular salt room treatments, or stand-alone if you are unable to access a salt room facility.

Salt therapy, however and wherever you need it! Breathe better. Sleep better!