Cough Relief

Salin Plus salt therapy removes pollutants & irritants through the air purification process, while the salt particles help to relieve irritants that may be causing your cough.

Persistent coughing can be highly distressing and draining for both the sufferer and those around him or her.

Coughing is a natural way of the body protecting the respiratory system by clearing it of irritants and secretions.

Coughing can be caused by several factors:

Environmental pollutants - cigarette smoke, dust or smog can cause a cough. In the case of cigarette smokers, the nicotine, present in the smoke, paralyses the hairs (cilia) that regularly flush mucous from the respiratory system. The mucous then builds up, forcing the body to remove it by coughing.

Post-nasal drip - the irritating trickle of mucous from the nasal passages into the throat caused by allergies or sinus congestion can result in a cough.

Regular use of Salin Plus may assist with coughing in two ways:

  • The dual action air filter removes airborne pollutants,
  • The therapeutic properties of salt help break down and expel the mucous, which helps to remove irritants trapped in the mucous that may be causing the cough.

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