• Snoring & Congestion

    " I heard that Salt Therapy was great for snoring and my wife, being a very light sleeper, was getting a little testy with me keeping her awake with my snoring at night. We plugged it in and after the first night my wife was like "wow, that was pretty good" - Nick"

  • Disruptive Sleep

    ""I've been using the Salin Plus for about 18 months and its just made a phenomenal difference to my life. I was having real difficulty sleeping. I found myself sleeping better and waking up more relaxed, not feeling like i was gasping for air." - Cathy

  • Croup

    "Since Scarlet was 3 months old she's had croup. We were in an out of hospital every two or three weeks with breathing problems. From the night we brought it home her symptoms seemed to get so much better. We're very happy with the machine. Salin Plus has really helped our family." - Rebecca

  • Sinus Congestion

    "I've been a long time sufferer of Sinus congestion. Something I've inherited from my father. With the Salin device i was quite surprised. The very first morning after using the Salin device it was like i had taken the most powerful decongestant ever. I felt like I could just breath again." - Shane

  • Post Nasal Drip

    "I’ve had it in the bedroom now 2-3 months. Very big improvement. I wake up in the morning feeling much less congested. When I exercise, i don’t feel anything dripping down the back of my throat like i had in the past." - Nick

  • Office Air Conditioning

    "I found that during the afternoons i was getting feverish symptoms. I was recommended to try Salin. Soon after i felt a lot better. It reminded me of my mothers saying years ago when she'd take us down the beach - breath in that salt air, its good for you" - Fran

  • Allergies

    "I've been using the Salin for 3 months and I've found a great difference. When I lie down the congestion settles on my chest and i cough a lot. The Salin has helped me with that." - Beth