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  • Lung Institute of Western Australia – Pilot Study into the effectiveness of Salin Plus on patients with Cystic Fibrosis, Bronchiectasis and Asthma. – August 2012

    Conclusion: After one month treatment, patients commonly reported less night time waking and were finding it easier to cough up mucus. Two of the patients commented that the machine improved the mucus build-up in their sinuses and noticed a worsening when they came off the machine. Two patients commented that they would be buying a machine for use. 

  • Salin Plus 12 month clinical study on 30 patients with ASTHMA AND CHRONIC BRONCHITIS

    Conclusion: There was an 11% improvement in FEV1 with a reduction of cough, sputum volume, nasal congestion, and ocular pruritus for the treatment group (17 cases) versus the control group (13 cases). The overall effect was an improvement in quality of life, fewer hospitalizations and a reduction in the use of symptomatic medication.

  • Salin Plus clinical trial in 18 patients with cystic fibrosis

    Conclusion: There was a significant improvement in the clinical condition of the treatment group versus the control group. There was an initial increase in sputum elimination, followed by a significant reduction in sputum production. There was an improvement in respiratory function and a reduction in crackles at auscultation. There was an improvement in FEV1 over the control group. During the six month trial period no patient from the treatment group (3 severe cases, 7 mild cases) experienced an acute episode requiring hospitalization.

  • SALIN Plus – Helps In Preventing And Treating Otitis Media In Children

    Conclusion: 63 patients. 2 year study. There was a reduction in middle ear pathology due to an improvement in tubo-tympanic drainage. For 50% of patients there was a reduction in antibiotic intake and in asthma cases a reduction in corticoid intake. The quantity of otic sero-mucous secretion following tympanotomy significantly decreased and the tympanum reconstruction duration reduced from 5 to 7 days to 4 days.

  • Salin Plus clinical trial in 22 cases of chronic allergic rhinopathy

    Conclusion: The quality of sleep was evidently improved by all patients. Nasal obstruction and sneezing were evidently improved in 18 patients (81.8% of cases). Seromucous became thicker and more voluminous, in only one case rhinoerrhea remained. Cough was in general more efficient and wet, the effort in removing sputum decreased and the sputum increased in viscosity. The benefits were immediately noticed in chronic smokers (7). The dry throat sensation was diminished in all patients